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Areas To Minimize Risk


Tenant Screening: Most landlords do not have the resources to select tenants.  Minimize the possibility of most of the landlord's future tenant problems.  Where is the tenant moving from? Why are they moving?  Tenant verification survey from tenant's current landord.

Documentation: Hand shake or oral agreement is not acceptable means to enter into a tenant/landlord agreement.  The landlord, and tenant, needs protection from a well written document.

Ignoring Maintenance: One of the most areas for landlord/tenant may leads into disputes.  When the landlord withholds reasonable and required maintenance can lead to litigation.

Proper Notice to Enter: The landlord maintains legal title to the property, but the tenant has a legal leasehold interest to the property. Landlords do not have the right to enter the property at any time. The landlord must relize that it is the tenant's home for the duration of the lease agreement's term.  The landlord/tenant must follow the specific laws, regarding the right to enter the property.

Securty Deposit Refund: The tenant's refundable deposits do not belong to the landlord. The laws are very specific; when the landlord notifies the tenant, as to , the status of the tenant's refundable deposit.

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